• Thalkas

    The Cathedral

    August 15, 2016 by Thalkas

    The Cathedral (planet) - Roguelands v 1.3 / First Look

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  • QuaestComm

    There are some vandals going around and defacing all the pages. Once they have been blocked, we need to restore the pages to their former glory using previous revisions. However, until they have been blocked, any attempts to undo vandalism will be quickly undone, so I would advise that you click the arrow by the Edit button, then click on History, and go view an older revision from before the vandalism for each page you want to read.

    EDIT: Looks like the situation is under control now. Have a nice rest of your day.

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  • Sprinkles GS

    First I want to say thanks to all the editors for the awesome job in building the wiki!

    I joined just over a month ago, when all there was on the wiki was a handful of pages and the odd screenshots. But thanks to all of you we've made the best (in my opinion) and by far the most complete source of information about Roguelands!

    While each edit contributed is greatly appreciated, I want to particularly thank a couple of editors who've put in the effort. @Lekeku @Evogamer224 & @DharkuBot have each clocked over 150 Edits totalling a whopping 492 edits! So I'd like to say a special thanks to each of them for their work :)

    As the wiki is now nicely flushed out with information, lots of us have been hard at work adding pictures and formatting pages…

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  • Sprinkles GS

    Hi All,

    As a few of you have noticed Zach (who initiated this wikia) appears to have abandoned it on creation and hasn't responded to the Forums or replies to his wall.

    Since there are aspects of the wikia which we are unable to change without an admin, I have requested to adopt the wikia in Zachs absence.

    I know there's a few other guys/gals making great contributions so far, so I don't want to appear like I'm hijacking control. For admin to be given to us there has to be a consensus. So I thought I'd ask if you would be happy for me to adopt the page as an admin.

    Love to hear your thougts.

    @DharkuBot,@Evogamer224,@KingstoneKingdome,@Sentifer,@KennnyHansen,@MineyMCMineMine,@Riley.Schmidt,@ToTheMaxwell, @X Neko X

    Link to the aplication:


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