Captain Atlas

Captain Atlas is an NPC that can be found in the small room with the Aether Reactor and Lenny, located above the market in the NPC hub area of the player's ship. He is heavily involved in the Galactic Fleet Allegiance story, given on the Galactic Fleet page.


Captain Atlas in dialogue

If you talk to Captain Atlas and your allegiance is not Galactic Fleet:

  • "HEY! Who allowed you to enter my headquarters?"
  • "I only speak to cadets of the Galactic Fleet."
  • So... Get up on outta here. NOW!"

If you talk to Captain Atlas as a level 1 Galactic Cadet:

  • "This damn Aether Reactor ain't workin' anymore. Looks like I'll need a brand new Aether Crystal to get this up and running again."
  • "Hey you're a strong and smart cadet. Why don't ya grab me one in the Desolate Canyon. I hear they drop off of those big round Tyrannog monsters."
  • "Just uhh don't get bit."