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The Church of Faust is one of four functional Allegiances in Roguelands, the others being the Galactic Fleet, the Starlight Rebellion, and the Gray Enigma. If you choose the Church of Faust as your allegiance during Character Creation, your progress through the storyline is tracked by your Faust's Apostle level.

If your allegiance is Church of Faust, talk to Minister Odin in the Market to begin the storyline.

Talking to Minister Odin will elevate you to Faust's Apostle level 2 and prompt this dialogue:
  • "Greetings, true believer."
  • "The Divine prophet himself seeks your audience. Search for him in the Hollow Caverns system."

Go to the Hollow Caverns to search for the Divine Prophet. You will not find him until you go to a Hollow Caverns town. His name is Faust, and talking to him prompts this dialogue:

  • "I see you've met with Minister Odin."
  • "The beings in the sky... I've finally seen them. When one injects siphoned Aethercite into their bloodstream, their senses become heightened and unbound."
  • "But we need more. Bring me 100 Ashen Dust and I'll be able to start the brewing process."

Return to Faust with 100 Ashen Dust, and he will then say this to you:

  • "Yes... This is what we needed!"

Talk to him again, and he will now say this to you:

  • "The beings in the sky called out to me... They said the Creator is returning."
  • "We must forge him a gift. Go to Minister Odin and report my findings, so he may spread the word of Faust."

Do as he says, and Minister Odin will say this to you:

  • "This is good news. I've had faith in Faust since the beginning."
  • "He has helped so many. Beings of all types may go visit him in his Cathedral, to ascend and become one with the Creator."
  • "Now you must do your part in the Grand Ascension. Go spread the word of Faust to the Dredger within the Ancient Ruins."

Go to the Ancient Ruins and talk to Dune Dredger Winston. He will say this to you:

  • "What a pleasure it is to meet a follower of Faust!"
  • "He's wrong."
  • "Don't trust this fool. I've dug up all the information about his experiments. He TRICKS people into thinking they will achieve some divine reward..."
  • "Only to be injected with lethal Aethercite into their bloodstreams. He has created MONSTERS."
  • "I've updated your portal uses, please go to his Cathedral and see for yourself! We must put an end to Faust's madness."

Dune Dredger Winston gives you 5 Cathedral portal uses as he finishes his dialogue, elevating you to level 6 Faust's Apostle. Talking to him again will elicit the usual dialogue.

Enter the next town to become elevated to level 7 Faust's Apostle. Talk to Faust, either in the Hollow Caverns or in the Cathedral, and he will say this to you:

  • "I see you've made it to my cathedral. What do you think? It's BEAUTIFUL, isn't it!?"
  • "More and more believers are coming to me. They are all ascending and becoming one with the Creator's visions."
  • "But you are my most valuable follower. The strongest, for sure. I've got something VERY special for you..."
  • "I've concocted the strongest catalyst for my strongest follower..."

You are then presented with a Storyline Choice:

Faust has crafted the strongest vial of Aethercite yet. You hold the syringe in your hands as he stands face up towards the sky, calling to the fabled Creator. What do you do?

  1. Inject the liquid Aethercite into yourself. For Faust. For the Creator.
  2. Throw the syringe on the floor and refuse to join Faust's Church.
  3. Stab Faust in the neck with the syringe, injecting the Aethercite into him.

Choice 1:

You are elevated to level 9 Faust's Apostle. Talk to Faust again, and he will say this to you:

  • "Yes... Now you are ready for the true test. Use your new found power to defeat the Creator himself."
  • "We shall rule the Galaxy and become gods walking amongst mere mortals! Come with me, to Mech City!"

Travel to Mech City, and you will encounter The Creator, who says this as he begins to attack:

  • "Faust was a false disciple. He's unworthy of ascension and so are you... Now I shall destroy this plane of existence forever!"

Killing The Creator will award you with a Creator Badge and elevate you to level 10 Faust's Apostle. This incarnation of The Creator does count towards unlocking the Overworld Uniform.

Talk to Minister Odin, and he will now say this to you:

  • "No... That couldn't have been the Creator. You cannot kill a god!"
  • "There are more... There must be more... I cannot go on without his comforting gaze upon our galaxy..."

Talk to Faust, and he will now say this to you:

  • "Good job, my follower."
  • "Together we will ascend time and space and create many things of our own. We are now the Creators."

Choice 2:

You are elevated to level 9 Faust's Apostle. Talking to him again, he will say:

  • "You... You have forsaken me!?"
  • "I shall meet with the Creator MYSELF in Mech City. You gave up immortality, you pathetic FOOL!"

When you go to Mech City afterwards, there is no additional character there, you simply get a Machine Badge and go to Level 10 Faust's Apostle.

You can still find Faust in the Hollow Cavern after this. When you talk to him now, he will just say:

  • "You've chosen machines over our Creator."

Talk to Minister Odin, and he will now say this to you:

  • "It is a shame that you decided to leave our church. I have taken your place as Faust's true disciple and will be ascending soon..."

Choice 3:

You are elevated to level 9 Faust's Apostle. When you talk to Faust again, he says:

  • "MECH. CITY."

After arriving in Mech City, you encounter Faust's Final Form, and he says this as he begins to attack you:


Defeating him will earn you a Faust Badge.

You can still encounter Faus in the Cathedral and in the Hollow Caverns. If you talk to him he will say:

"You must be so proud of killing me."