Dune Dredger Winston

Dune Dredger Winston, is a NPC that has a chance to spawn in the Ancient Ruins. When talking to him there is a rare chance that he will reward the player with a Dredger Helm or Dredger Armour. Otherwise, he will give you some Scrap Metal.

If you are doing the Church of Faust questline, and you are quest level 5, he will give you 5 uses to the Cathedral planet when talking to him.


  • "Oh, you startled me!"
  • "I long to travel to other places like you, but this desert is my prison."
  • "Maybe one day I could follow you into that portal..."
  • "Oh what's this hidden in the sand!?"


  • If you can't find him when Apostle level 5, It is recommended to restart the game. Some players have found him instantly after restarting their game.