Eyepods are enemies found in the Desolate Canyon planet.

They will drop 1-3 Creature Eyeballs and 1-2 Credits. They have no Health points and are killed instantly by being touched or attacked.
Rock worm cocoon


  • The Eyepod will spawn a Worm after being touched or attacked.
  • Breaking 5 Eyepods will spawn Urogorak, the boss of the Desolate Canyon
  • Eyepods are replaced by Spikey Eyepods on Challenge Level (ChLvl) 1 and above.

Challenge Levels

  • Spikey Eyepods can deal damage to the player upon contact
  • The Spikey Eyepod will spawn one (ChLvl 1) or two (ChLvl 2+) Rage Worms on death
  • Breaking 5 Spikey Eyepods will spawn one (ChLvl 1-2) or two (ChLvl 3) Aberrant Urogoraks
  • Spikey Eyepods deal 4/8/12 (ChLvl 1/2/3) damage to the character that kills it by touching it


  • If you attack the worm(s) that spawns from the cocoon as soon as it emerges, it will hit all segments.