Galactic fleet

The Galactic Fleet is currently one of four Allegiances in Roguelands, the others being the Starlight Rebellion, the Church of Faust, and the Gray Enigma. This allegiance is selected by default during Character Creation, and the current character's progress through its storyline is represented by its Galactic Cadet level.

To start the Galactic Fleet campaign, you must talk to Captain Atlas in the room accessed by using the door in the Market.
Atlas will say this to you on first contact:
  • "This damn Aether Reactor ain't workin' anymore. Looks like I'll need a brand new Aether Crystal to get this up and running again."
  • "Hey you're a strong and smart cadet. Why don't ya grab me one in the Desolate Canyon. I hear they drop off of those big round Tyrannog monsters."
  • "Just uhh don't get bit."

After speaking to Atlas, you must go to the Desolate Canyon, defeat the rare monster Tyrannog and obtain an Aethercrystal from the drops. Once you have one, return to the Ship.

Activate the Aethercrystal near Atlas, then talk to him. He will give you this dialogue:

  • "Good job getting the Aethercrystal, cadet!"
  • "With our reactor back online we'll be able to see the Destroyer's whereabouts."
  • "Lucky for us, our scientists have begun research on a MEGA WEAPON that might be able to defeat the Destroyer. I'll get back to you when they've developed something."
  • "In any case, it seems there's a pretty huge disturbance coming from the Ancient Ruins system. Why don't you go check it out and report back to me."

Go to Ancient Ruins and you will encounter The Destroyer. Lenny will say to you, "THE DESTROYER IS INVINCIBLE! GET TO THE PORTALS!!!" Follow his advice and escape the planet as fast as you can. Once you have Galactic Cadet level 5, report back to Atlas. (This step might not successfully complete if you attempt it in Multiplayer.) Talking to him will elicit this dialogue:

  • "I can't believe you came face to face with the Destroyer and lived to tell the tale."
  • "The Destroyer is eating up planet cores at an astounding rate. We don't have much time to save what's left of this galaxy."
  • "I'll be sending out cadets and scientists to gather the required materials for our MEGA WEAPON, and you need to be out there helping!"
  • "Reports say there's a wild Celestial Slug roaming the Hollow Caverns. Go gather some resources off of it and bring em back here."

Go to the Hollow Caverns, get the Magicite from the Celestial Slug and return to Atlas. Talking to Atlas will remove a stack of Magicite from your inventory (if you split your Magicite into multiple stacks, only one stack will disappear, allowing you to keep the rest) and elicit this dialogue:

  • "Thanks for the Magicite. This stuff seems pretty odd; it's not even from our galaxy."
  • "The last bit of materials needed are 100 Planet Stones, 50 Oricalcum [sic], and 20 Flamethysts."
  • "Hurry back with these materials so we can launch a full scale assault on the Destroyer!"

Retrieve 100 Planet Stones, 50 Orichalcum, and 20 Flamethysts and head back. Talking to Captain Atlas will now elicit this dialogue:

  • "Fantastic! We've got all the required materials in order for the MEGA WEAPON to function properly thanks to you."
  • "This weapon... We could defeat the Destroyer and then rule the galaxy..."

You are then presented with a Storyline Choice:

Atlas and his scientists have engineered their MEGA WEAPON, and it's ready for use. The Destroyer looms over Mech City, preparing to devour the planet whole. What do you do?

  1. Give me the MEGA WEAPON. I'll take on the Destroyer myself.
  2. We must destroy the MEGA WEAPON, no one man should have all that power.
  3. Actually I'm gonna side with the Destroyer and kill all of humanity.

Choice 1:

Volunteering to take the MEGA WEAPON results in Atlas giving you the device and some dialogue:

  • "You better hurry up. The Destroyer is about to swallow Mech City's planet core."
  • "Good luck, cadet. I believe in you."

Upon arriving in Mech City, Lenny begins talking to you remotely:

  • "Oh no!! The Destroyer is wreaking havoc on Mech City! Shoot at its head with the MEGA WEAPON to weaken it!"

Sure enough, the Destroyer starts coming after you. Fight it under Lenny's guidance. If you manage to kill it, you will gain Galactic Cadet Level 10 and loot a Brave Badge from its remains.

Talking to Captain Atlas on the Ship after completing the storyline this way causes him to give this dialogue:

  • "The galaxy is saved because of you. cadet."
  • "Not only is the galaxy free of the Destroyer, but the Galactic Fleet now has the strongest weapon of all. We'll be putting it to good use."

Choice 2:

Attempting to destroy the weapon results in Atlas becoming annoyed and giving you this dialogue:

  • "You fool! I'll go to Mech City myself and rid the galaxy of the Destroyer myself!"
  • "So much power... No one will ever stand in my way!"

Go to Mech City. On entry, Lenny says to you, "The Destroyer... He killed Atlas..." Atlas' corpse lies before you. Examining it summons the Destroyer and prompts this dialogue:

  • "[Atlas' cold body is nearly torn apart.]"
  • "[You find something next to him...]"

Finishing the dialogue spawns a MEGA WEAPON for you to use in the ensuing fight with the Destroyer. If you manage to kill it, you will gain Galactic Cadet Level 10 and loot a Magicite Badge from its remains.

Captain Atlas, having died in Mech City, no longer appears on the Ship. Talking to Lenny on the Ship after completing the storyline this way now prompts this dialogue instead of the usual dialogue. Re-Examination of Atlas's body before leaving mech city can give you as many mega weapons as you want as of v1.2:

  • "I'm gonna miss him a lot..."
  • "But I must say that was a great call. He ran in there like an IDIOT and got himself killed!"
  • "Now the entire fleet belongs to us. AND we kept his mega weapon [sic]."
  • "Together... You and I... We will rule this galaxy!"

Choice 3:

Joining the Destroyer results in Atlas becoming surprised and giving you this dialogue:

  • "WHAT!? How could you..."
  • "You were my favorite cadet. You had such potential..."
  • "Guess I'll have to kill the Destroyer myself. Out of my way, traitor!"

At this point you should go to Mech City in an attempt to stop Captain Atlas from killing the Destroyer. However, when you arrive in Mech City, you are confronted with Lenny's dialogue:

  • "Atlas defeated the Destroyer, but he died in the process..."
  • "I never got to tell him how I felt. I... I won't let YOU sabotage the Galactic Fleet, TRAITOR!"

After this dialogue, Lenny (Boss) begins to attack you. If you manage to kill Lenny, you will gain Galactic Cadet Level 10 and loot a Destroyer Badge from his remains. (Taking this path will prevent you from acquiring the MEGA WEAPON.)

Both Atlas and Lenny no longer appear on the Ship. However, you will still benefit from Lenny's advice while exploring planets and when talking to Peon.