The Gear Chalice is found next to the first storage chest in most Towns, allowing players to level up their equipped gear. Cathedral towns and town Planets (Mech City and Old Earth) do not contain Gear Chalices or Item Chalices (the latter appear in all other towns while a Challenge Level is in effect).

Leveling Gear

The amount of experience available and the equipment type is displayed above the Chalice. To choose which piece of gear to spend the experience on, simply run into the icon that is currently shown atop the chalice. For example: To spend the experience on leveling up your weapon, wait until the blue sword icon is shown and then jump into it - this will apply the amount of experience shown above the chalice to your currently equipped weapon, progressing it towards its next level.

Note: As of Version 1.5, Demon's Rift does no longer grant Gear EXP.

Challenge Levels

Challenge Level Gear EXP
0 0
1 450
2 900
3 1350

Gear EXP in levels

Action gEXP
Killing a regular Monster 5
Killing any boss 15
Harvesting a resource node 2
Completing an "Objective" 7
Opening a Chest 1

Therefore, if you are farming gear experience it might make sense to simply skip fighting mobs and rush the next gear chalice.

Stat increase per level

Gear gains its base stats each level, then the quality bonus is added.

Stat = ( baseStat * gearLevel ) + qualityBonus

For example a lvl 6 Epic Colossus, knowing that Colossus have 2 base STR and Epic quality gives +6 bonus stats, will have 2*6+6 = 18 STR.

Experience per level

Level Exp Range
1 0-100
2 101 - 380
3 381-925
4 926-1850
5 1856-3255
6 3256-5225
7 5256-7875
8 7876-11300
9 11301-15600
10 (MAX) 15601
Based on what you do in the previous planet (enemies killed, things harvested, objectives complete etc.) it will generate the appropriate amount of EXP for whatever gear slot you'd like! Also harder biomes grant a small bonus to this EXP too.


  • If you choose ring experience, it will progress the level of both equipped rings
Armor Exp

Gear Chalice offering armour exp.

Helm Exp

Gear Chalice offering Helm exp.

Ring Exp

Gear Chalice offering ring exp.

Shield Exp

Gear Chalice offering shield exp.

Weapon Exp

Gear Chalice offering Weapon exp.