Lava Dragon is the boss of the Molten Crag. It will spawn during the first long pause in the planet's background music, emitting the generic boss-spawning sound when it does so.

It follows the same attack pattern as Urugorak. In addition to dealing melee damage, the Lava Dragon also inflicts 40% Burn on each hit.

The Lava Dragon gains additional health and damage on Challenge Level 1 and above, but has the same appearance and behavior as before.

Like other bosses, the Lava Dragon drops Credits and Scrap Metal on death.


Fighting the Lava Dragon is very similar to fighting Urugorak, as they are both worm-type enemies. It should be noted before fighting that the Lava Dragon has significantly more health and does significantly more damage than Urugorak. A player should prepare accordingly with spare health and mana packs, some Anti-Heat, well leveled gear, and a character level over 64.

The Lava Dragon spawns after a certain amount of time has passed since entering the Molten Crag. Because of this, there is not the option of killing all enemies on the level and then summoning the boss. One way to help prevent other enemies from interfering is by clearing the the enemies out of area adjacent to spawn. As long as the player stays in this area, no more enemies will appear and the player can wait until the lava dragon spawns and fight it without interference.

The Lava Dragon moves faster than you can run so you will need to dash if you are to outrun it in a straight line. Use its limited turning circle to your advantage and fight in an open space. Because it is limited to turning circles, double jumping is very efficient when fighting him as you can jump in the centre whilst continuously attacking.

Being a worm-type enemy, each of the Lava Dragon's segments has it's own individual hit box. Use piercing attacks like Blaze, Shock, and Photon Blade or area of effect attacks like Plasma Grenade and sword swings to damage multiple segments in one attack. This will significantly increase your damage per attack while fighting the boss.