Lenny will appear in Mech City as a boss if any player, while progressing through the Galactic Fleet storyline, chooses to side with the Destroyer and kill all of humanity. Captain Atlas will get mad at you and rush off to defeat the Destroyer himself. Once you arrive in Mech City, Lenny will describe what happened before he begins to attack:

  • "Atlas defeated the Destroyer, but he died in the process..."
  • "I never got to tell him how I felt. I... I won't let YOU sabotage the Galactic Fleet, TRAITOR!"


Lenny's most lethal attack is to shoot two beams similar to the Spark combat chip's beam, one vertically and the other horizontally across the screen, intersecting at wherever his body is. Contact with either of the beams does 50 damage to the player. Only two sets of beams can be deployed at any time.

When he is unable to deploy more beams, Lenny will instead throw 3 energy balls at the player. Lenny also deals damage on contact.


Killing Lenny will raise your Galactic Fleet Allegiance level to 10 (in this case Galactic Cadet Level 10). You will not acquire the MEGA WEAPON, and both Captain Atlas and Lenny will no longer be present on your Ship whenever you are using a character that killed Lenny. However, Lenny will still advise you on the planets as if he were alive.

Challenge Level

Lenny (Boss) gains more health and damage if the player enters Mech City while a Challenge Level is in effect.

Challenge Level 1

Name Image HP Damage EXP
Lenny (Boss)

Challenge Level 2

Name Image HP Damage EXP
Lenny (Boss)

Challenge Level 3

Name Image HP Damage EXP
Lenny (Boss)