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Mech City is a Town-like planet with Item Stalls but no portals to other planets. It is the only place that has a Prism Forge, Ultimate Forge and Mod Station which are all used in the creation of high end gear.

Players may encounter the Destroyer (boss) on this planet as part of the Galactic Fleet questline when they have the quest for it.

Lenny can be encountered here as a boss, as an alternative to the Destroyer being here, depending on which option the player chooses for using the Mega Weapon.

Gaining Access

To gain access to Mech City you must first purchase and use an Ion Ticket from the Market for 5000 World Fragments; alternately, Cobalt Mage Perceval sometimes gives out Ion Tickets for free. Once you use the Ion Ticket you will be able to open a portal from your ship's computer and travel to Mech City. Just remember that using the Ion ticket only gives 3 portal uses.



Prism Forge

The Prism Forge is used to turn 10 Shards into a single Prism of the same type (similar to the Emblem Forge).

See the Ultimate Gear page for more information.


Ultimate Forge

The Ultimate Forge is used to turn regular level 10 gear into an Ultimate version, the item created depends upon which Prism is used.

See the Ultimate Gear page for more information.

Mod Station

Mod Station

The Mod Station is used to add Mods to a piece of gear.

See the Mods page for more information.


The Destroyer

The Destroyer boss appears on this planet when any player has the Galactic Fleet quest that allows them to encounter it here. After crafting the Mega Weapon and choosing to either take it and kill the boss yourself or to destroy it, Captain Atlas' next dialogue will be the cue to go to Mech City to beat the Destroyer.

Lenny (Boss)

Lenny will appear here as a boss if any player chose to side with the Destroyer and kill all of humanity. Captain Atlas will get mad at you and rush off to defeat the Destroyer himself, and will do so successfully, but die in the process. Upon arriving here at that point, Lenny will describe what happened and blame the player for Atlas' death, cueing the battle.

The Creator(Boss)

The Creator will spawn if any player has gotten to Level 9 on the Church Of Faust storyline.