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Old Earth Planet

Old Earth is a Town like planet with item stalls which contain the unique NPC armors and helms as well as advanced Combat Chips.

It is accessible after purchasing a Remembrance Ticket and using it to gain 3 portal uses at the ship's Planet Selector.

Wealth Trophies and Champion Badges are used to purchase items.


The music in Old Earth is the same as the Roguelands menu screen.


Item Price
Special Helmets 10-20 Wealth Trophies
Special Combat Chips 5-10 Champion Badges
Stat X Combat Chips 5-10 Champion Badges


This is not a safe zone, which means there will be chances of encountering space pirates or meteor showers. So be aware of leaving your screen in that area.

There is a glitch with the old earth wealth trophy stand, it will claim you have insufficient scrap metal instead of credits, despite requiring credits to purchase.

There is a portal at the end of the shop that gives you access to another Old Earth Planet (refreshes items).