Shroom Bully is the Boss for Shroomtown.

Shroom Bully is replaced by Aberrant Shroom Bully on Challenge Level 1 and above. Aberrant Shroom Bully has more health and damage than its lesser sibling, but otherwise behaves similarly to it.


Attack Pattern

Shroom Bully will dash at you, or will fire three large projectiles, watch out for its charging face (when it closes his eyes).

Shroom Bully is less mobile than other Bosses and cannot fly or pass through platforms.


To Spawn Shroom Bully, kill Shroomies and Blue Shroomies. This boss will spawn by the portals.

On Challenge Level 1 and above, kill Spikey Orange Shroomies and Spikey Pink Shroomies to spawn Aberrant Shroom Bully by the portals.

On Challenge Level 3, a second Aberrant Shroom Bully waits for you at the planet's spawn point, allowing you two chances at Shroomhazzard per planet if you also summon the usual Aberrant Shroom Bully.


While its attacks are easily dodged by jumping to a higher platform, it does have considerably higher health than other Bosses, and can shoot projectiles at you too.

If you want to efficiently farm Shroom Bully then its advised that you can deal at least 40 damage so you can defeat it in 10 to 20 hits.