Towns are a safe zone located between Planets where players can deposit loot into their Storage Chest, purchase Loot, Emblems and Combat Chips in exchange for Credits, open Loot Chests, upgrade equipment at the Gear Chalice, consult Questbot's Quest Board, equip or rearrange Combat Chips at the Combat Chip Stand, return to the Ship or continue to the next Planet.

If a Challenge Level is currently in effect, item stalls may also sell Mods for 5000 Credits each, and an additional chalice (referred to as an Item Chalice) appears to the left of the Gear Chalice offering a piece of Loot, an Emblem, a Shard or a Mod from a selection of five.

Towns are often inhabited by passive monsters which normally appear in the next planet.

Cathedral towns do not have a Gear Chalice (or an Item Chalice on Challenge Level 1+). Instead, each one houses a Creation Machine just to the left of where a Gear Chalice would normally spawn.

Town planets, though they possess the same layout as normal towns, have some key differences which are explored on their pages. Currently, only Mech City and Old Earth fall into this category.


Desolate Canyon Town - From Left to Right: Teleporter back to Ship, Storage Chest, 3 Stands selling Emblems and a Combat Chip

Objects found in each Town

Ship portal

A Portal to your ship.

Storage Chest

Player's personal Storage Chest.


A Loot Chest.

Item stall

Item stall.

Blank Portal

Blank Portal, see the Portal page for more info.